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We deal in a wide range of trucks and trailers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your hauling needs. Our straightforward process guarantees a fair and hassle-free experience.

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 From securing loans to understanding your budget, we make financing simple and accessible, helping you invest in your business without the stress.

Mentorship & Advice

Tap into our industry expertise for valuable mentorship and advice. Our guidance can help steer your trucking business towards success and growth.


What sets us apart is our commitment to quality, personalized service, and our in-depth industry knowledge. We don’t just buy and sell trucks and trailers; we build lasting relationships, ensuring each client receives tailored financial solutions and expert advice to thrive in the competitive trucking industry.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Sharing my experience and view !
Well done on your logistics finance venture !
Your staff is well trained and what a good experience ! Your trucks is of high end value and condition ! This Business will accelerate and overtake any given operation or challenge.
Making banking and finance a breeze !
Thank you for your professionalism and expert advice.
There should be more that just business a new friendship is in the scope !
Thank you T.J this fast forwarded the process.

We recently embarked on a journey to expand our construction business into the transport industry by purchasing our first timber super link trailers from TJ & Rentius. From the get-go, their service was impeccable. They advertised three trailers, which we viewed at an auction but ended up buying directly from them, saving us nearly R 100,000 in the process. Not only did TJ & Rentius ensure the trailers were in tip-top shape and roadworthy, but they also went the extra mile in facilitating repairs and handling the paperwork meticulously. TJ even lent his trucks to transport our trailers for repairs, closely monitoring the process to ensure everything was up to standard.
Rentius’s attention to detail in the registration process and his willingness to open up his contacts for our future endeavors were invaluable. Their assistance didn’t stop at the sale; they were instrumental in helping us secure financing for our purchases, with the first set of trailers bought cash for close to R 1.4 million and the second for R 1.2 million.
Their commitment to our satisfaction was evident throughout the process, from changing tyres to allowing us to start using one of the trailers before the change of ownership was officially done, due to our urgent business needs. Even when faced with unexpected challenges, like my driver being stopped on the day of the transfer, TJ & Rentius were there to support us.
Our recent decision to involve our sister in the business, leading to her purchase of another trailer from TJ & Rentius, further attests to our trust and confidence in their service. TJ’s dedication to ensuring she was well-informed and comfortable with her purchase, despite her limited experience, was remarkable.
Moreover, being part of TJ’s trucking group has opened new opportunities for us, providing a platform to find work and verify the credibility of other truckers, which has been an unexpected bonus to our business relationship.
In summary, TJ & Rentius have not only been suppliers but true partners in our venture into the transport industry. Their professionalism, dedication, and genuine care for our business needs have made every investment with them a wise and rewarding decision.

My journey with Professor Trucks has been transformative. Their meticulously designed online masterclasses provide deep insights into the trucking and logistics business in South Africa. The content is both comprehensive and accessible, making learning enjoyable and empowering.

What sets them apart is their hands-on approach. Beyond delivering high-quality education, they offer online mentoring and coaching, helping budding entrepreneurs navigate the startup process. With seasoned industry professionals at your disposal, you’re never left in the dark.

Moreover, Professor Trucks offers a range of high-quality trucks and trailers. Their commitment to quality is evident in every vehicle, and their wide range of finance options, in partnership with trusted institutions, makes the purchasing process seamless and customer-friendly.

In a nutshell, Professor Trucks is a game-changer for anyone seeking to venture into the trucking and logistics business. Their holistic approach to education, mentoring, and quality product provision makes them a true 5-star company. Highly recommended!

All I can say is wow! Keep up the great service Professor Trucks, you are really becoming industry leaders.

The service I received from Professor Trucks, particularly from T.J Potgieter, has been nothing short of exceptional. The masterclasses are informative and accessible, but the real gem is the personalised mentoring and coaching. TJ went the extra mile by answering my questions and guiding me.

Professor Trucks provides high-quality trucks and trailers as well, with financing options. T.J’s advice helped me make the best decisions.

In a nutshell, the personalized service, expert advice, and quality products make Professor Trucks a 5-star company. A special thanks to T.J Potgieter for his outstanding support. Highly recommended!

I have never met a sales person like TJ and his team from Professor Trucks. They are amazing and always available at our service even if its something they dont specialize in they make sure that we receive the necessary all the time. Thanks guys for excellent service.. our country n world needs more people like you TJ.

Rentius from Professor Trucks knows what he is talking about. With his years of experience in the industry, and his BCom Business Management and Entrepreneurship qualification, this guy is the right person to talk to for buying trucks for your business.