Faw JH6 28.500 FL 6×4 Truck Tractor


The MODEL JH6 28.500 FT 6×4 AMT Truck Tractor—a powerful and reliable solution for the demanding world of transportation. With a robust CA6DM3-50E5 engine, this truck boasts a capacity of 12,520 cm3 and a staggering 370 kW of power at 1,800 rpm. Its 12-speed AMT transmission, FAW ZF12TX2421TD, ensures smooth operation with forward ratios ranging from 16.68 to 1.00. The Sleeper Cab offers comfort with air conditioning, radio with USB, and a suspension seat, making long journeys a breeze. With advanced features like hydraulic power steering, full air dual-circuit brakes, and a straight ladder-type chassis, the JH6 is designed for efficiency and durability. An ideal choice for your hauling needs.


Unleash efficiency and performance with the Faw JH6 28.500 FT 6×4 AMT Truck Tractor, engineered to excel in challenging conditions, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and punctually.

At the heart of this machine is the CA6DM3-50E5 engine, a 6-cylinder in-line powerhouse with water-cooled, turbocharged, and intercooled design. With a substantial 12,520 cm3 capacity, the JH6 delivers a commanding 370 kW of power at 1,800 rpm and 2,300 Nm of torque at 1,400 rpm. The 23:1 gear ratio and hydraulically operated recirculating ball steering provide precision control, enhancing the driving experience.

The transmission, an FAW ZF12TX2421TD 12-speed AMT with Intarder, offers forward ratios from 16.68 to 1.00, ensuring optimal performance across various terrains. The clutch, with a 430 mm diameter, operates as a dry type single plate with air-assisted assistance for smooth engagement.

The JH6’s chassis attests to its durability, featuring a riveted straight ladder-type design. The front suspension employs parabolic leaf springs with double-acting shock absorbers, while the rear suspension combines parabolic leaf springs with auxiliary springs, ensuring stability and comfort during transit.

Safety Takes Center Stage in the Faw JH6 28.500

Equipped with a full air dual-circuit brake system featuring ABS, the JH6 includes additional auxiliary braking through an engine brake and Intarder. The truck features a Sleeper Cab, offering a comfortable environment for the driver and one passenger, complete with air conditioning, a radio with USB connectivity, and a suspension seat.


The JH6 boasts a wheelbase of 3,300 mm + 1,350 mm, an overall length of 6,895 mm, and an overall width of 2,495 mm. With a minimum turning radius of 7,500 mm and a ground clearance of 295 mm, this truck demonstrates agility despite its robust build.

Whether navigating challenging terrains or cruising between provinces, the MODEL JH6 28.500 FT 6×4 AMT Truck Tractor sets the industry standard for performance, comfort, and reliability.


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